Our Lady of the Airways

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Leading Youth Closer to Christ
Are you in grade 6, 7, or 8?

What is EDGE Youth Ministry?
EDGE is a Catholic Ministry designed for youth in grades 6 - 8 to help them grow in their love and knowledge of Christ by providing fun and creative opportunities to engage them in their Catholic faith.
Starting again FALL 2019!
Stay tuned for more exciting news and information!

All "OLA Teens" in grades 9 - 12

​​​​​​​What is LIFE TEEN?
Life Teen is a Catholic High School Ministry for
teens in grades 9 - 12, designed to help youth understand and relate the Catholic faith to their daily lives. High School teens in grades 9 - 12 are asked to email:
to get on the list for Life Teen Events and
volunteer Service Hour Projects.
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For youth ministry info, please contact 905-677-4615 or email: OLAyouthministry@hotmail.com

Young Adults of OLA

Programs and Events for ages 19 -39.
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